Are You Stuck Using the Body Shop Your Insurance Company Recommends?


Your insurance company will most likely recommend a repair shop. The question is… do you have to use their recommendation?

In a short answer: No. You don’t have to use the body shop that the insurance company recommends. The choice is yours by law, in the majority of cases. Yet a question remains: Will you get a quality repair?


Here’s what most people don’t know.


Most major insurance companies have repair contracts with specific body shops in your area. Choosing the insurance company’s repair shop has benefits for the insurance company, which has negotiated lower labor and material rates, as well as parts discounts with those shops.

Contractual discounts put pressure on the body shop to cut corners for profitably. These cuts can result in sub-standard parts, materials, and repair methodology that is misaligned with your auto manufacturer’s recommended repair procedures (See John eagle lawsuit). In choosing a shop you should seek out places that are factory certified and backed by auto manufacturers. These type of shops align their priorities with factory recommended materials and procedures, instead of discount, volume based initiatives.

If you have chosen your own repair shop, claims representatives will frequently try to sway you away from your decision by telling you that your shop isn’t on their list, which to them, means they won’t be able to handle your claim efficiently. They may also try to explain that it will take up to a week before an adjuster will be available to write an estimate on your car. They could go further by stating that their company will not warranty the repairs if you don’t have your car repaired at their shop.






Do not be intimidated by this. Reputable auto body repair shops like ours provide a lifetime warranty no matter who is paying the bill. Shops are systematically interested in handling your claim and the repairs efficiently. Also, shop estimators are familiar with your insurance company’s claims process and know their local adjusters, which makes it easy to complete the estimate process and repairs quickly.

Remember… the choice is yours.

Whether it’s the insurance company’s recommended shop or your shop of choice, it is important that you choose a repair shop that you feel confident in. Ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations. Look at reviews on Google and Carwise.

Most people prefer to stay loyal to service companies who have earned their trust through satisfactory work and building relationships. This is common in any industry (i.e. hair stylists, general contractors, etc.) When you’ve found a place that goes above and beyond in their service and efforts, you know you have found something special. Trust, loyalty, and relationship should be the standard. That’s exactly what we aim to do.

No single body shop can hold contracts with all major insurance companies. If the shop you chose isn’t on the insurance company’s list, it does not make them a bad choice. Your shop doesn’t have to be on your insurance company’s direct repair list in order to repair your car professionally and efficiently. A reputable body shop like Pignatelli Collision will work with any insurance company to restore your vehicle to the condition it was in prior to your accident and provide a lifetime warranty on repairs.

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